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There are a number of people I follow on Twitter who participate in various #hashtag chats some evenings. And I...am reluctantly starting to unfollow some. They're neat people and I'm following them in the first place for a reason - because I like what they tweet about.


But these hashtag chats are killing me. As far as I can tell, NO ONE makes a Twitter client that can be told "follow this account, but don't show tweets containing any of these hashtags from it" or even "hide tweets with this hashtag from any account I follow". A pity, because I sorely desire it.

For example, I follow a lot of green folks, who write a lot about the chemicals in the products we use every day. This is daunting to me - I am very new to this - but interesting and important. But what I can't take is a deluge of it, and that's what the #ecowed and #healthychild chats are. Worse, they both occur at hours when I can't be reading Twitter. I normally at least skim all the tweets from the people I follow, and I'm losing people's updates amidst chat about greening your home. Usually chat about greening your home that is so much more intense than I'm ready for that my eyes glaze over and I want to give up on trying to achieve that in my house altogether because I just want it all to go AWAY.

So it is. The chat, not the concept. I'm paring down person by person as I get spammed by them due to chats I'm not taking part in and not interested in back-reading. I'm not sure about the #bfcafe chat yet. Breastfeeding is a topic I'm more comfy with and familiar with, and it's less total tweets than #ecowed. It's somewhat spammy but not as bad. It also involves several of the people I follow. So I suspect I'll just continue to skim those, since I think I can if I get rid of the others (bfcafe is on Thursday and overlaps healthychild, which doesn't help).

I don't like this step, but...I'm out of other ideas. If anyone knows a Twitter client for the iPhone (preferable) or Windows (sorta tolerable) that can do what I want, it would make me VERY happy as I am not happy about this step. But it's the best I've come up with so far. :(


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Mar. 25th, 2010 02:39 am (UTC)
I am with you
I am so with you on this. I have 1 (thankfully only 1) person that I follow that RT at minimum 100 tweets a day and participates in the twitter partying. I feel so guilty but I really want to unfollow...It's killing my phone battery lol. If I find anything I will definitely pass it on.

~Amber @ The Mom Road (http://momroad.blogspot.com)
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